Therapeutic & Sports Massage

Meet our Team

Let us introduce  you to our team of Certified Massage Therapists.  Each of our therapists are certified through CAMTC (California Massage License Board).  All are back-ground checked and registered with the Petaluma Police Department.  That's important stuff..... but they are also AMAZING at what they do here at Rejuvenate Therapeutic & Sports Massage.  Each has a little different specialty, but all have similar core style of body work. We are all dedicated to help your body return to its personal best state of being.  Whether you are struggling with pain, sore muscles, muscle fatigue, rehabilitating from a surgery or joint replacement, we are on our best game to get you up and going.  

   Marcie DeCarli / Owner of Rejuvenate Therapeutic & Sports Massage.   

I am excited and feel so blessed to have a career doing what I love so much!  Helping people improve their physical and mental health through body-work has been even more rewarding than I had expected when I began my practice.  I received my education and training from California Institute of Massage and Spa Services in Sonoma California.  After briefly working in a spa there, I opened the doors of Rejuvenate. From the beginning I knew I wanted to focus on sports, therapeutic and rehabilitative massage, engaging with my clients to design a bodywork session that best suits their current condition.  Most of my sessions are a combination of Swedish (relaxing), Deep tissue, Thai (strecthing), shiatzu (trigger point therapy) and always a focus on mayofascial release to imporve fascia health.  My goal with each client is to relax, reduce pain, increase mobility, increase range of motion.  Most importantly, I want to talk with you, partner with you and design the best massage for you!  


    Bridgette Trowbridge / Certified Massage Therapist.    

Hello massage enthusiasts! I have been practicing massage therapy for over five years now helping numerous individuals maintain peace and wellbeing in their body and mind. After graduating from Chico State with a degree in Medical Anthropology I decided to continue my interest in humanity by becoming a massage therapist. I have been trained in traditional Swedish and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage, Japanese Shiatsu, Sports Therapy and Deep Tissue massage, as well as traditional Thai table massage. I love blending all these modalities to create a powerful experience that leave the individual with lasting effects. Following massage training, my passion for health and wellness led me to pursue an education in nutritional therapy. I graduated with honors from Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts in 2015 and am pleased to offer Holistic Nutrition Counseling in conjunction with massage therapy. So happy to be a part of this growing team here in beautiful Petaluma!