Therapeutic & Sports Massage

Workplace / Destination Chair Massage


A growing number of mainstream and corporate businesses have found great value in offering workplace chair massages to their employees. Companies who implement a wellness program and offer massage benefits to their employees enjoy a happier and healthier work environment. Employees who feel appreciated and relaxed perform at a higher overall level than those who are stressed and feel undervalued by their company.  

Studies have proven that in just a few short workplace massage sessions employees experience a slower and more relaxed heart rate, lower blood pressure, increased energy, improved concentration and heightened creativity.  

Businesses have many options to explore in this area.  

  • 1 time Chair Massage Session offered as a reward or appreciation token for employees.
  • Regular monthly, bi-monthly or weekly chair massage can be incorporated into a wellness program which improves moral and may also offer financial and tax advantages.  Ask your insurance provider about possible discounted rates on workmans compensation insurance for companies who have a corporate wellness program in place for their employees.
  • Offered by company / paid by employees. Some companies schedule workplace chair massage sessions but do not pay.  The employees pay for their own treatment at a rate of $20 for 15 minutes / $35 for 30 minutes.  In most cases, the mobilization fee of $25 is paid by the company.
  • Member/Customer Appreciation Days:  Many companies offer these massage mini-vacations to customers, club members, employees & management.  

Standard rate of $75 per hour

$25 mobilization fee per day

4 hour minimum, 7 hour maximum per day

Please contact me to discuss your companies individual needs. I look forward to working with you to design a plan that works best for you.  (707)696-3055